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The Australian Rose Annuals

The National Rose Society of Australia produces The Australian Rose Annual. This book covers rose activities around Australia and the world, along with articles of interest to all rose growers. The Annual is a printed publication that is available to members of Australian Rose Societies.

Past printed editions are available for sale from the Treasurer.

As the new edition has been published, last year's edition is now available to download as well as several past editions.

The 2022, 50th Anniversary issue features articles on:

  • 1972 - 1979 - Birth of the NRSA
  • the Second Australian Rose Convention - 1975
  • 1980 - 1989 - Adolescence
  • 8th WRC - Rosa Australis - Sydney 1988, by Richard Walsh
  • 1990 - 1999 - Collaboration
  • The Official Launch of the NRTGA, by John Coleman-Doscas
  • 2000 - 2009 - Globalisation
  • Rose Adelaide - WFRS Regional Convention 2008
  • 2010 - 2019 - The Modern Era

The 2021 issue features articles on:

  • Which under stock should I use?, by Richard Walsh
  • Fertilising, by Paul Hains
  • Breaking the Rose glass ceiling, by Doug Hayne
  • Why am I a member of a Rose Society?, by Michelle Endersby
  • Mad crazy dream or hope for a brighter new future?, by Joanne Babb
  • Expect it to be great, by Melanie Trimper
  • My Rose breeding, Vivienne Dixon
  • Rose Garden Reverie: a novel by Michelle Endersby
  • Rose replant disease, by Gavin Woods
  • Aussie Rose breeders impress USA judges, by Sylvia Gray
  • A visit to Walter and Kay Duncan's garden, by Vivienne Dixon
  • To breed or what to breed...My journey to date, by Richard Walsh
  • Roses named after Australian Rosarians, by Doug Hayne
  • Selecting good parents - Breeding miniatures, by Paul Hains
  • How to identify a Rose, by Andrew Ross
  • Sue (Suzanne) Kingsford ARA SMA OAM (1935 - 2020) A Personal Tribute, by Richard Walsh
  • Fragrance in Roses, by Andrew Ross

The 2020 issue features articles on:

  • Worth the Wait: My First Year as a Rose Grower, by Suzanne Blyth
  • My Story, by Melanie Trimper
  • Why I enjoy growing Roses, by Shirley Dance
  • Roses and Friends, by Maureen Lucas
  • Why you should grow Australian Bred Roses, by Stephanie Judges
  • Honouring a classic Australian Bred Rose, by Michelle Endersby
  • A solution to many a thorny problem?, by Michelle Endersby
  • Have Rose Shows become irrelevant?, by Gavin Wopods
  • The Spring Garden, by Doug Gregory
  • The future of the Rose - The Rose of the future, by Richard Walsh
  • Why older members are so important, by Donelle Heers
  • David Ruston OAM (1930 - 2019), by Kelvin Trimper
  • The National Rose Trial Garden of Australia, by Chris Kelly
  • The name of the Rose, by Kristin Dawson
  • 'Desdemona' from David Austin, by Michael Marriott
  • Tribute to David CH Austin, by Melanie Trimper
  • Information needed for a rose to be identified - photos of a single bloom are not enough, by Susan Wade
  • Ultimate technique for budding Roses, by Kitty Belendez

The 2019 issue features articles on:

  • WFRS Award of Garden Excellence - Old State Rose Garden
  • Changing gardener's views of growing roses, by Paul Hains
  • The future of growing roses in Australia, by Stephanie Judges
  • Exciting Times, by David Stephenson
  • Women and the Rose Societies, by Veronica O'Brien
  • Painting "Miss Marion Manifold", by Michelle Endersby
  • Rose Trials Reap Rewards, by Melanie Trimper
  • When I fell in love with Heritage Roses, by Rita Granata
  • Heritage Roses at the Victoria State Rose Garden, by Wal Johnston
  • 5 main areas of rose cultivation, by David Stephenson
  • Growing Roses since 1991, by Donelle Heers
  • New life, new garden in Queensland, by Pauline Hall
  • Thrips and the quest for environmentally friendly control, by Kristin Dawson
  • Organic Rose Gardening, by Dawn Eagle
  • Making the most of the Rose Season, by Michael Marriott
  • Great Expectations - Australian Rose Conventions, by Melanie Trimper
  • A glimpse of Western Australian Heritage Roses, by Pat Toolan
  • Australian Bred Roses find Uncle Sam, by John Gray

The 2018 issue features articles on:

  • Symposium - My Favourite Hybrid Tea Roses
  • Latrobe Valley Law Courts, by Ian Spriggs
  • Our Journey Promoting Australian Bred Roses, by Doug Hayne
  • "The Governor's Wife", by Richard Walsh
  • Stage 2 - Queensland State Rose Garden, by Sue Keays
  • Australia's First Miniature Rose Show, by Colin Hollis
  • Painting Australian Bred Roses, by Michelle Endersby
  • Vincent van Gogh's Rose Paintings, by Toni Hains
  • Growing Roses in Pots, by Lee Van Boheemen
  • The English Climbing Roses, by Michael Marriott
  • Rose Garden of the Lidice Memorial, by Kristin Dawson
  • Rose Tour of South Africa, by Paul Hains
  • Destination Nanyang China, by Melanie Trimper
  • The Royal National Rose Society, by Derek Lawrence

The 2017 issue features articles on:

  • International Rose Museum - Beijing, by Malcolm Watson
  • National Rose Collection
  • Symposium - My Top Australian Bred Roses
  • Newton Park, Qld State Rose Garden, by Des Doyle
  • Five Countries - Five Great Gardens, by Melanie Trimper
  • Araluen Botanic Park, Western Australia, by Jacqui Davies & Ailsa Allen
  • Roses in South Africa, by Gail Birss
  • Promoting Australian Bred, by Richard Walsh
  • Organic Rose Growing, by Diana Sergeant