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World Federation of Rose Societies

The World Federation of Rose Societies (WFRS) was founded in 1968 in London, England by representatives from the rose societies of Australia, Belgium, Israel, New Zealand, Romania, South Africa, Great Britain and the United States of America.

Its stated purpose was to hold international rose conferences and act as a clearing house for rose research.

At its first conference in New Zealand in 1971, Canada, India, Japan and Switzerland were also present. The objectives set out in the constitution adopted then still hold sway today.

They are:

  • To encourage and facilitate the interchange of information about and knowledge of the rose between national rose societies
  • To coordinate the holding of international conventions and exhibitions
  • To encourage, and where appropriate, sponsor research into problems concerning the rose
  • To establish common standards for judging rose seedlings
  • To assist in coordinating the registration of rose names
  • To establish a uniform system of rose classification
  • To grant international honours and awards
  • To encourage and advance international cooperation on all matters concerning the rose

Ambitious and lofty goals! Some have been met and others have been more illusive to achieve, especially when dealing with 40 very independent rose societies.